Met Helmen

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  • #1 Wielrenner's keuze

    MET Miles Mips Fietshelm

    Aanbieding! 64,95
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  • #2 Wielrenner's keuze

    MET Vinci MIPS Race Fietshelm

    Aanbieding! 89,9599,95
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  • MET Rivale Mips Fietshelm

    Aanbieding! 99,95139,95
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  • MET Trenta MIPS Fietshelm

    Aanbieding! 159,95229,95
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  • MET Rivale Race Fietshelm 52-56cm (OUTLET)

    Aanbieding! 99,95
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  • MET Estro MIPS Fietshelm

    Aanbieding! 119,95
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  • MET Intercity NTA E-bike helm

    Aanbieding! 224,95
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  • MET Idolo MIPS Fietshelm

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  • MET Trenta 3K Carbon MIPS Fietshelm

    Aanbieding! 299,95
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Toont alle 9 resultaten

Our mission flows through everything we do:
to create iconic designs that inspire confidence
and enhance the experience of cycling.
We do that by learning, refining and developing
our products to be safer and more innovative
with every generation.


Our industry-leading expertise is built on more than 25 years of in-house manufacturing. Staying close to our products means we understand them better – plain and simple.


We design race-winning tools from World Enduro to the UCI WorldTour; our products are tested and trusted by the pros.


While some brands diversify, we specialise in helmets to ensure we offer the very best products every time. MET offers one of the most comprehensive ranges on the market to protect all bike riders, regardless of discipline, age or budget.


Not only are MET products designed to be innovative and inspiring for our customers, it is vital they also meet the absolute highest standards of quality and safety. We take the same approach to all elements of the MET brand, not just the product itself.